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The 32 Postures of Guan Yin Goddess

Triplet Scripture Halls

This Guan Yin Shrine was built in 1983 by the head monk Guang Seng of the mahayana Order. The temple observes very strict rules. Monks ordained here have to be life-long vegetarian and cannot leave the monkhood, with strong determination to abandon the secular world to devote themselves to dharma.

The Guan Yin shrine for the Earth and Sky Gods, and a dragon pillar. The big building houses an image of Guan yin stop a toad, and the Buddha Prince Ang Hai Yi. In other parts of the building are figures from Chinese mythology and Buddha images, such as Guan Yin images for the 12 zodiac signs, the 32-attitude of of Guan Yin, the famous monk Tang Sam Chang, and the monk lang lang Tai Sue. There are also a charity soup-kitchen and a meditation hall for worshippers.

Who Is Guan Yin?
Guan Yin, one of the most revered Chinese goods, is the goddess of mercy who, some believe, helps eradicate miseries for her believers. Legend had it that Guan Yin was born a princess, a daughter of a Chinese emperor who was not a Buddhist. He was furious to see his daughter’s devotion to Buddhism. Before her marriage,
the princess escaped from the palace and set free several tortured prisoners. Many oppressed people ollowed her.

When her father was gaining on them, a magic bridge appeared to save the princess and her follwers. Soon her father was seriously ill. The doctor told her that the only cure includes the arms and eyes of a virgin. With her gratitude for her father, the princess agreed to sacrifice herself. Her father was miraculously healed. As s consequence of her sacrifice and her willing to help those in miseries, people came to worship her as a goodess, a significant one in the Chinese Pantheon.


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