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Unseen in Bangkok

The Starting Point Of Thai Democrary


Located by Rama V’s royal statue in the Royal Plaza, the spike marks the point where the evolutionary group calling themselve “Khana Rat” (meaning “The People”) read their declaration to overturn absolute monarchy and began democracy in Thailand. The inscription on the spike reads " Hereby the People have originated the Constitution for the development of the country at dawn on June 24th."

The People’ spike is a historical piece of evidence of Thailand political development since June 1932. The group led by Phraya Phahon Phonphayuhasena gather here with all light and heavy artillery before moving to take into their custody several dignitaries sush as the regent, some members of the royal family, and cabinet members. They took control of Bangkok and seized power from Rama VII, who was staying at Klai Kangwon Palace in Hua Hin at the time. They declared thr democratic ideals for the nation. However, it was actually decades later when the Thais fully appreciated the meaning of this word.

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