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The Market with No Beams

The Market with No Beams

Locally known as Talat Wat Thong behind the Bangkok Noi District Office, the old market has been here to serve the community for been than 100 years.

Old-timers related that initially this wooden market roofed with napa was on the riverbank near the community’s congregation hall. It was moved to the present location in 1924. The market is still in operation now. It is open from dawn till dusk. The evening business is more lucrative. However, the merchandise is not varied and business is not as healthy as it used to be because there are now several markets in the area.

The distinctive feature of this market is its building which is a huge structure with wooden posts. The whole building is divided into alleviated stalls for vendors. The roof-supporting structure sits on rows of unique arch beams from one side of the posts to the opposite side, along the length of the building. On close looking, it is evident that the arches are made up from small wooden pieces joined together with metal pins. The joining has expertly been done to create an arch effect to support the roof with no beams. This reflects superb and elaborate craftsmanship of the master builder. This arch support provides not only unique beauty but also additional space and airy effect.


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