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Unseen in Bangkok

Thai Painting by a Westerner

Thai Painting by a Westerner

Siam arrived on the verge of modernity in the Fifth Reign (1868-1910). Western influence in Thai art was evident in many temple murals of this reign. One of these temples is Wat Rachathiwat. Formerly called Wat Samorai, Rama IV renamed it Rachathiwat, meaning the king’s residence, because he resided here during his monkhood, and first established his newly-constituted Thammayut Order here. The notable murals are in the congregation hall, which Rama V had Prince Naris built over the old hall. The design was adapted from a Khmer castle

Inside the congregation hall are exquisite murals. Prince Naris designed the elaborate motif over the presiding image and the nearby Vessandara Jrataka mural. These fresco paintings were by the Italian painter, Mr.Cerigilo, who painted the slavery-abolition scene under the dome of the Ananta Samakom Throne Hall and the ceiling fresco of the Borom Phiman Hall


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