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Temple of the Universal Symbol

Temple of the Universal Symbol

Erected by Rama III in 1836 for his daughter, Princess Wilat, the temple in the Sino-Thai architectural style was significant for it once sheltered Thailand 's renowned poet, Sunthon Phu, between 1839 and 1842. The poet mentioned the temple in one of his poems call " Lamentation. "

" I was fated to leave the temple, Driven by frightening thugs, The temple has safely sheltered, Clothed, and fed me with its donation."

The temple, from RamaIII's reign, has preserved the poet's hut and turned it into a museum piece. It is a traditional Thai cluster house built on a high cement platform, with a well vanished timber floor and roofed with terra cotta tiles. It has been steadily kept in good condition and has been awarded the best preserved Thai architecture by the Siam Architects' Society in 1994. The other houses now occupied. But Sunthon Phu's old residence in the left building has been turned into a small museum with exhibits from the poet's time such as the alms, crockery, cutlery, and betel chew set. Visitors can contact the abbot at any time for the tour of the temple



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