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Sacred Artifacts and Charms of Wat Bowon

Sacred Artifacts and Charms of Wat Bowon

This temple was built between 1824 and 1832 by Prince Maha Sakdi Phonlasep in the Third Reign.

Many notable artifacts and historical structures of artistic, Historical, and magic value are housed here. Some Thais believe in the magic and sacredness of the following nine things:

1. Buddha’s bone relics which had been drawn by Ramas IV, V and IX to be installed inside the presiding stupa as dedication objects.

2. Phra Phuttha Chinnasi is a metal cast image in the Subduing Mara Attitude of the mid-13 th century Sukhothai art school, drawn from Phitsanulok in 1831 to be enshrined as the presiding image of this temple.

3. Phra Satsada, a metal-cast image in the Sub-duing Mara Attitudue of the Sukhothai art school, a contemporary of Phra Phuttha Chinnarat and Phra Phuttha Chinnasi, drawn from Phitsanulok in 1864

4. Phra Saiya, a reclining metal-cast image with gilded black vanish, was drawn by King Rama IV while in monkhood to be enshrined at the Satsada image hall.

5. Phra Phairi-Phinat, a seated stone image in the Blessing Attitude from the Srivijaya Period, located on the second tier of the presiding pagoda, considered Rama IV’s personal image.

6. Phra Phuttha Wachirayan, Rama IV’s dressing image named after his monastic appellation, is in full royal regalia in the Ocean Stopping Attitude, located in the Wihan Keng, facing south.

7. Phra Phokhara was built when Rama IV had a bodhi tree planted with an over-grown base around it.

8. The 1000-year-old Replica Footprints inscribed with 108 blessings in a huge wheel of dharma located inside the west wall, were drawn from Chai Nat.

9. Phra Kring Pawaret, the highest class of the ringing Buddhist charms, cast to commemorate the 6 th cycle anniversary of the revered monk, Prince Pawaret Wariyalongkon, in 1944 as momentos for the ranking royal dignitaries. There exist no more than 30 of these much sought after charms

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