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Jomtien Beach

The Jomtien Beach is located about 2 kilometers from south Pattaya. This beach and the area has become more and more popular for swimming, water sports and activities because it has a long straight coastline and there are less boat anchored in the area. There are many good hotels, bungalos, guest houses and many restaurants. A lot of tourists come to this area and enjoy the scenery and the beach. Chairs are available to sit and  to have food and drink, or to go swimming. Water sports such as wind surf, water scooter, para sail, speed boat riding, even water skiing are possible. The Jomtien Beach has white sand and a very long coastline to enjoy. The beach is more peaceful here. Along the straight beach road there are so many sourvenir shops, restaurants, food stalls, and good sea food restaurants are available, especially at almost the far end of the beach road. Transportation in Pattaya and Jomtien area is simple. The open pick up cars are running all the time just like mini bus or taxi. On the 54th floor of Pattaya Park Tower you can enjoy the beautiful view of Jomtien Beach and Pattaya City. We went up to the observation lounge 3-4 times already and noticed the growing development of new hotels and their facilities. Also, the Jomtien beach area has been continuously developed.

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