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The Golden Mount

The Golden Mount or Phukhao Thong is located in the compound of Wat Srakes. It was built in the reign of King Rama III, succeded in the reign of King Rama IV, and completed in the reign of King Rama V.The top most part is about 100 meters high, and the base is 500 meters in diameter.

Interment of the Buddha Relic On the first occasion, King Rama V bought the Buddha Relic in the custody of the Royal Chakri family in grand procession from the Grand Palace and installed it in the Royal Pavillion of the ceremony at Wat Srakes. Then the Relic was interred in the pagoda on the top of the Golden Mount by His Majesty in 1877 (2420 B.E.) The second interment of the Buddha Relic was done in the following connection. In 1898, Peppe excavated a burial mound (stupa) near Iprahwa on the Nepalese border, the area believed to be the city of Kapilavastu, and discovered buddha relics in an urn inscribed with ancient scripts. This relic was believed to be the portion received by the Sakya clan after the cremation of the Buddha's mortal remains. At that time, Marquis Curzon was the viccroy of India. As such Curzon decided to present the relic to King Rama V. His Majesty sent Phraya Sukhum Naya-Winit (Chao Phraya Yomaraj Pan Sukhum parien), as the Thai representative to bring in the Buddha Relic. Then Buddhists from Japan, Burma, Lanka, ans Siberia began to request for a share of the Buddha Relic. His Majesty distributed the Relic accordingly. The rest of the Relic was inserted into a bronze pagoda casted by Royal Command. In 1899 (2442 B.E.) the pagoda was installed in a Royal Ceremony on the top of the Golden Mount.

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