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Chatujak Weekend Market

Chatujak is a bustling market full of color and activity at weekends. Even on weekdays, Chatujak still offers shoppers a wide range of attractive products, but it is weekends that are special attracting people from every direction to converge on the market and enjoy carefree shopping.

The list of wares offered by vendors seems endles, with everything on offer including tableware, wood or metal cabinets-large and small-dolls and sculptures. There are brand new and aged books.There are pets for sale to meet all preferences, etc.

How To Get There
Chatujak Weekend Market is located at Chatujak Park, and can be reached by many buses, or taxis. Now many tourists use the BTS Sky Train. The BTS train station (Mo Chit) is located on the east side of Chatujak Weekend Market and this is the most convenient way to come from other places.

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